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Mobile Phone Website Designs

Why does my business need a mobile website?

Smart phones are increasingly popular. It won't be long before everyone will have one and they're not just used for phone calls and text messaging.

Smart phones are also being used for:

  • email
  • facebook
  • bill payments
  • shopping
  • entertainment
    • music
    • videos
    • books
    • games
  • internet

We develop mobile websites that run along-side your current website. You don't need to change your existing website; mobile phone users looking for your business are automatically directed to the site created for mobile phones.

Our mobile websites are designed to fit nicely into a smart phone and allow smart phone users to quickly find the information they're looking for. They have "smart" features such as one touch dialing and finger-tap navigation.

Go to www.webeffect.co.nz and see what your site could look like on a smart phone.